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100K Taxpayers Information Taken in IRS Hack

| May 28, 2015
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On Tuesday 5/26/15 the IRS announced that over 104,000 taxpayers had tax forms full of personal information stolen through the IRS website. The information was obtained by hacking into the “Get Transcript” service on the website. This was a portal that allowed you to access the last several years of tax documents online. (It has since been removed.)

By the numbers:
200,000 ID’s were targeted by these hackers between February and May.
104,000 ID’s were able to be hacked.
15,000 of those were used for the hackers to claim false tax refunds.

All 200,000 people who were targeted are being contacted by mail. What makes this case unique is that this isn’t a ‘traditional’ hack. Personal data had to have been stolen prior to the hackers entering into the “Get Transcript” portal. They already had names, social security, addresses, etc. and where hacking in to get more personal information such as salary and tax deductions.

If you have been the victim of identity theft there are steps that can be taken to protect you. Please contact us at 541-479-3625 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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